Monday, February 4, 2008


I cant believe the Giants won, and even though I was rooting for the Patriots (because I hate the Giants), I'm not even upset because I am so impressed by the way they played. In my opinion the Pats certainly didn't play their best game, and I think at their best they can beat any team in the NFL, including the Giants. But what they had the potential to do doesn't mean anything anymore. Tonight the Giants were the better team. Their defense destroyed the Pats' o-line, and they got a lot of pressure on Tom Brady. Teams this season tried to blitz Brady, but not many of them actually got hits on him like the Giants did tonight. The Giants offense didn't play amazing, but they did enough to get the win. I hope Giants fans enjoy the next few months as world champions, because I dont see the Giants becoming the next dynasty and winning any more superbowls in the next few years. The Giants are not an amazing team, and even with their win tonight I dont think they are the best team in the NFL. But they got on a roll coming into the playoffs and had luck on their side and managed to squeeze out a superbowl win.